“Everyone Stunned When She Turned Her Back”: Gigi Hadid Came To The Catwalk In a “Trick” Dress!

The top fashion designers in the world used to be known for their vibrant imagery and sense of style. The Kardashian family and Gigi were establishing trends, but those days are long gone.

The model jumped right into raising her kid once she was born.

Nowadays, Hadid seldom favors ostentatious attire and open sandals. She now favors wearing non-marking clothing and footwear with modest heels.

Gigi likes to keep things simple in life, but when there are fashion events, she steals the show on the catwalks! Hadid’s catwalk appearances are greatly anticipated because of how colorful, striking, and sassy her photos are.

As a result, the model’s appearance at the Versace show in Paris generated a lot of buzzes. Gigi wore a black dress with a mesh top and a fitted maxi skirt while wearing her blonde hair down.

The top was transparent, but black inserts were placed in all the “important” places. This made the ensemble appear fairly peppery rather than obscene.

The dress’s back turned out to be quite intriguing. She had a big line down her spine and was entirely bare from the back.

Internet users praised the clothing’ creativity but pointed out that it was solely intended as a look for fashion shows.

What do you think? Would you be brave enough to don such a dress?

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