Everyone was scared by the photo of this dog, but she turned out to be a very kind creature!

Meet Junebug, a one-of-a-kind dog with an outlandish personality. Junbug’s photo has gone viral on the internet. The puppy peers out from behind the fence and appears to be quite frightening. 

Users comment that just looking at the photo makes them feel scared, and that Junebug should star in horror films.

Junebeg has been compared to the terrifying clown from the film “It” and the Joker. People who are unfamiliar with her find her frightening, but she is not. Dodo tracked down the dog’s owner, Tim K., and learned more about Junebeg and that photography.

“Without a doubt, the Junebeg is the cutest dog you’ll ever meet,” Tim said. “She is a people person. And everyone who meets her is smitten by her. She’s the cutest little girl on the planet.” 

Junebug is the most gentle and loving dog you will ever meet. She is outgoing and adores everything and everyone in the world. Her expression is a little dissatisfied, but she is a true angel. 


Tim stated that their dog enjoys peering over the fence and that he frequently lifts her up and holds her to look around. 

“My wife took a picture of Junbeg the moment I picked her up.” We had no idea this photo would go viral and cause panic.Junebeg is not at all frightening. Tim described Dodo as “a sweet and kind dog.”

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