Exclusive footage of farewell to Prince Philip (video)

The queen seemed as weary and lost as she had always been. Megan excelled herself again!

The other day, Prince Philip was bid farewell. Recall that Prince Harry arrived home in splendid isolation, citing the interesting position of his wife. British tabloids closely followed every step of the queen, who seemed tired and lost as ever.

Elizabeth II admitted that she had lost her footing. For more than 70 years, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been married.

All this time, the man was next to his wife, supporting her in the most difficult situations. By the way, experts in visual perception of speech told what William and Harry talked about during the ceremony.

Harry remarked that the ceremony was set up exactly the way he (Prince Philip) wanted it to be. “Yes, she was great,” agreed William.

Meghan Markle, by the way, excelled here. For the sake of Prince Philip, the woman stated that she was willing to forgive the royal family.

One of the British TV presenters couldn’t keep it together and blurted out during a live broadcast, “Megan, shut your mouth.”

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