“Exclusive Premiere”: Billy Joel’s Highly Anticipated Music Video for ‘Turn the Lights Back On’

Billy Joel, the famous singer, has released a new music video called “Turn the Lights Back On.” This video is special because it’s his first in many years. It shows Billy Joel playing his song at different times in his life, using cool technology from a company called Deep Voodoo.

The video starts with Billy looking at his song lyrics. Then he starts playing the piano and singing the song. The video shows him at different ages while he sings.

“Turn the Lights Back On” is a slow song, and it’s the first new song Billy Joel has made in 17 years. He wrote it with some other people, and he sang it for the first time at the Grammy Awards. People loved it and clapped a lot.

@billyjoelBilly has some good news and bad news. Stay tuned for more! – Team Joel

♬ original sound – Billy Joel

Billy Joel talked about making the song and said it was fun because of his friend Freddy. Freddy helped him remember why he liked making music in the first place.

Billy Joel is finishing his concerts at Madison Square Garden soon. He’s done more than 150 shows there, which is amazing. He’s also going on tour in North America, and his last show will be in St. Louis.

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