Expectant Mother Abandoned by Husband at 36 Weeks Discovers $10,000 Hidden in the Oven

Amanda Sydney, who is from Australia, was having a good time in her life. She thought that 2017 would be a wonderful year filled with love and happiness, and she had big dreams for her future.

After three arduous years of attempting to conceive, Amanda and her spouse were overjoyed when she became pregnant. Simultaneously, they had recently settled into their home, a project they had dedicated more than two years to renovate.

Amanda was very happy and things were going well for her. However, something terrible happened suddenly. Her husband surprised her by saying he wanted to leave, and he left without giving her a chance to react. Amanda was left all alone, pregnant, and with many bills to pay.

She didn’t have any money, and she was an emotional wreck. She didn’t know what the future held for her and her child. Luckily, her friend Anna was there to support her emotionally. Anna came up with a brilliant plan: she decided to reach out to the local radio station, KIIS 1065, in hopes of receiving assistance through their “give back” segment. Upon learning of Anna’s predicament, the radio station graciously extended their support to her. They knew that helping her on their own would be difficult, so they got local businesses involved to make it a big effort.

They invited Amanda and Anna to the radio studio, but Amanda didn’t know what was going to happen. She told her story to the radio hosts and mentioned how the worst part was the shock of her husband leaving.

Then, something amazing happened. The radio host presented Amanda with a video tour of her newly renovated home, showcasing all the incredible assistance they had arranged for her. This included six months of complimentary home cleaning, three months of daily meal deliveries, $4,000 worth of essential baby supplies, and a generous $1,000 voucher for baby pictures. However, the most remarkable surprise unfolded when they opened the oven, revealing a substantial stack of cash amounting to $10,000. This unexpected windfall meant that Amanda could breathe easy about her mortgage payments for a considerable period.

Tears welled up in Amanda’s eyes as she choked back her emotions and uttered, “This means I can stay here. I can’t express my gratitude enough.”

It wasn’t the 2017 she had hoped for, but because of the kindness of strangers, she and her baby could now have a fresh start.

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