“Expectation and reality”: for her 51st birthday, J. Lo showed herself without makeup and a figure without photoshop

Beauty Jennifer Lopez has come a long way to be at the top of fame. Her talent and hard work can only be envied.

Despite the fact that there are many young performers on the stage, J. Lo can give them all a head start. She works out several concerts in a row, performing songs and dances at the highest level. No one will even think that she is already over 50.

In addition, the figure of the beautiful singer is the envy of many women. Envious people will say that the ideal figure and proportions are only skillful work with Photoshop. On her 51st birthday, J. Lo published a photo where she showed how she looks in real life: without makeup, photoshop, and filters. That rare case when expectation and reality coincide.

The singer disappears to the gym, where she trains hard. She has not eaten animal products for a long time. She adheres to such a strict regime all her life. Good sleep and the services of a beautician only help to keep fit.

Despite the fact that J. Lo is 51 years old, she looks like a 20-year-old girl.

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