Family of Beach Boys Legend Brian Wilson Seeks Conservatorship After Wife’s Passing

This week, the family of Brian Wilson, who helped start The Beach Boys, asked the court for special help for him. They say Brian, who is 81, has a serious problem with his memory, like dementia.

After Brian’s wife Melinda passed away, his family decided it was best to ask for help. They want to make sure Brian and his kids can still live comfortably in their home. They chose two people, LeeAnn Hard and Jean Sievers, to help take care of Brian. LeeAnn Hard has been working closely with Brian’s family for a long time, and Brian trusts her.

Brian’s family says he can still spend time with his loved ones and keep working on his projects, but he needs extra support for his daily needs.

Brian’s wife Melinda played a big role in taking care of him, but since she’s gone now, his family wants to make sure he’s still looked after properly. Brian’s doctors say he can’t fully take care of himself, so they’re asking the court to appoint someone to help him.

The court will have a hearing about this in April. Meanwhile, Brian is taking medication to help slow down his illness.

Brian and Melinda got married in 1995 and adopted several children together. When Melinda died, Brian called her his hero.

Brian also has two daughters, Carnie and Wendy, from his first marriage.

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