“Fans did not appreciate”: the paparazzi photographed Demi Moore without makeup. She doesn’t look like herself in these shots

Fans have been discussing fresh footage of D. Moore from Italy for several days now, where the Venice Film Festival takes place in early September.

The paparazzi have already managed to catch some stars during not the most suitable moments for them. So, actress D. Moore surprised netizens with her face without makeup. Everything seems to be fine in her, but lately, it has been striking that Demi is starting to overdo it with plastic. The situation, of course, is better than last time, but her cheekbones are clearly not where they should be.

Recall that last year she participated in a fashion show, and then in several photoshoots for famous, expensive clothing brands. Then the fans first saw the new face of a celebrity.

Many of them were upset when they saw their favorite, and someone even compared her to an alien or a character from a horror movie. Others began to worry about the health of the star, thinking that these were the consequences of some kind of illness.

In the summer, she starred with her daughter in an advertisement for bathing suits, and thus Moore managed to rehabilitate herself from that unsuccessful fashion show. Many admired the figure and beauty of the celebrity, noting that they are very similar to her daughter.

Fans are asking Demi to accept her age and prefer natural aging. I would like to believe that they managed to convey their thoughts to the star, but still the last word will still be hers.

What do you think about this? What do you think of Demi’s current appearance?

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