“Fighter for His Family”: Remembering a Baltimore Bridge Victim

Honoring the resilience of a beloved family man lost in the Baltimore bridge collapse. 💔 His unwavering dedication to his loved ones will always be remembered. Read his inspiring story.

One of the six construction workers presumed dead after the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge was a hardworking man who did his best to support his family. Maynor Suazo, who worked for Brawner Builders, was remembered by his loved ones as someone who fought every day for his family’s well-being.

Suazo, originally from Honduras, leaves behind a son and daughter. His family described him as always smiling and dedicated to his family’s happiness.

He had been living in the U.S. for 18 years, hoping to achieve his dreams. His family expressed shock and sorrow over the tragedy, saying it’s hard to imagine such a terrible thing happening.

Suazo’s brother-in-law praised him for leaving a positive impact on many people’s lives.

Suazo and another worker, Miguel Luna, were among the victims identified by authorities and family. Luna, a father of three, had been living in Maryland for over 19 years. His family is devastated and anxiously awaiting updates on the rescue efforts.

A fundraising campaign to support the victims’ families has raised nearly $100,000, but new donations are no longer being accepted as they focus on distributing the funds.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore met with the families and expressed his condolences, acknowledging the unimaginable pain they’re going through.

The National Transportation Safety Board also reached out to the families. Brawner Builders expressed deep sadness over the loss of their employees and offered condolences to the families.

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