“Flat Stomach Without a Single Stretch”: Jessie J Showed a Figure In a Bikini Two Months After Giving Birth!

Jessie is embracing motherhood.

Singer Jessie J just became a mother, and she delighted her fans by sharing the wonderful news on social media. In a shot wearing an emerald bikini, she displayed her excellent figure just two months after giving birth.

Sky, which translates to “Heaven” in Russian, is the name of the infant boy. Chanan Safir Kolman, a basketball player, is the child’s father, however, nothing is known about their connection.

It’s crucial to note that Jessie J had difficulties on her path to motherhood. She had experienced a miscarriage and battled infertility, but after a year she suddenly became pregnant once more.

As she embraces this new phase of her life, Jessie is embracing parenthood and maintaining her stunning appearance.

Congratulations to the delighted mother!

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