Flying leaves – callima butterflies (video)

Leaf butterflies are true masters of camouflage. They are able to merge so well with the environment that they cannot be seen even up close. Butterflies look like dried leaves.

The butterfly is a very bright blue color. There are orange stripes on the top of the wings. With spread wings, the butterfly is very bright and beautiful. But as soon as she folds her wings, she becomes almost indistinguishable from a dry leaf.

The shape, color, and even the veins on the wings imitate a dry leaf in great detail. Even a specialist does not immediately distinguish this butterfly from an ordinary leaf.

To achieve maximum similarity with the leaf, the butterfly even folds its wings in a special way. The hind wings, with their short outgrowths, rest against the branch as if it were a petiole.

These butterflies are not very large – depending on the species, an adult has a wingspan of forty-five to ninety millimeters.

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