Footage of a touching meeting between the owner and the lost dog has spread all over the network

We helped reunite a dog and its owner who were separated during a road accident. One of the drivers drew attention to the dog sitting near the car wreckage. The Khabarovsk resident immediately remembered the reports that he watched the day before in our program. It was about a collision between two cars, a Hyundai that crashed into a Toyota Crown. In addition to the driver and passengers, 3 dogs were driving, two of them were frightened by the roar, and they experienced such fear from the blow that they ran away without understanding the road. The owner of the car, who, by the way, was not to blame for the accident, honestly tried to find pets and, as a result, after the accident was registered, she did not find anyone. The frustrated woman went home with nothing. With the onset of day, the dog returned to the place where it had last seen its owner and began to wait.

The traffic police helped us find the phone of a car amateur. She rushed to the boulevard in a quarter of an hour. The fate of Dina and before this accident was not easy. While still a teenager, she lost her owner but soon found even more doggy happiness. Looking at both, we can safely say that Dina got a very good guardian angel.

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