For thirty years, this woman has been confined to this glass cage and is unable to interact with her family (video)

Juana Munoz was made to live in seclusion for 13 years. Even though she was alone, she was only a few centimeters from her family. She is imprisoned in a glass enclosure, and if she exits, she will perish. 

After giving birth to her child, this Spanish woman’s life was forever altered. Thirty years ago. Following her husband’s planting of potatoes in their garden, she began to weed the area. She then abruptly experienced a serious allergic reaction. She hurried to the hospital because she was in a lot of agonies and her entire body was really swollen. Since then, Juana’s body has been extremely sensitive to chemicals, and she has also suffered from a horrible allergy. 

But the truth is that those potatoes had some sort of pesticide treatment. It was eventually outlawed. It is a very dangerous substance that has had a widespread impact. The woman had the option of suing the chemical makers, but she did not want to. 

She started to become weaker, and eventually she was in too much pain to touch anything. 

For many years, medical professionals were unable to make a precise diagnosis. She was later found to have numerous chemical sensitivities. 

The woman should live in a sterile atmosphere, alone in a particular refuge, according to doctors, or else she will experience discomfort all the time. Her family constructed this remote refuge for her after learning about this. For the past 13 years, that is where she spends all of her time. 

Everything chemistry-related, any strong odor can make her pass out. Everything, including natural occurrences like the sun, wind, and rain, is painful. Juana, her husband now only farms organic vegetables. They even discovered a producer of diet meat and purchase it twice a month for Juana. She gazes at her garden through the glass walls of the shelter. She should only wear cotton-only clothing and only ceramic household objects. 

Juana is only permitted to leave the shelter once a year for a standard checkup. She finds leaving the shelter to be a tremendous ordeal. 

Her family sits on a strict diet for several days and meticulously cleans their garments in order to not hurt the woman and be able to hug her at least occasionally. 

Juana’s daughter is about to give birth to a kid, but she won’t be able to hold the child in her arms. But she persists in fighting this illness and never gives up. She consented to put a specialized breathing mask through its paces. It was quite touching since she finally got to hug her already ailing mother and walk around the garden for the first time in a long time.


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