“Forever Young Doll Is Not The Same Anymore”: Paris Hilton Was Captured Close-up!

Perhaps a future pregnancy will change the star’s style for the better.

The “eternal Barbie” Paris Hilton turned 40 in February of this year.

She maintains her childlike manner despite being older. Paris occasionally gives off the impression of being frozen in time—the same “doll” in mini-dresses.

Since the 1990s, her fashion sense doesn’t appear to have changed.

The other day, Hilton once more displayed her full beauty. She finished off her customary flirty doll style with a juvenile glittery dress with a crude buckle at the waist and dazzling heels.

But this time, photographers took close-up pictures of the “eternal star girl”. And it became evident that Paris was neither 18 nor 25 anymore.

The star’s many wrinkles around the eyes were made more obvious by unsuccessful makeup that included a heavy coating of foundation. Long eyelashes also may not appear particularly attractive up close.

We wish Paris all the best as she transitions from an everlasting girl to a stunning young woman following her wedding to her lover, who has already proposed to her.

She also acknowledges that she intends to become a mother soon. The star’s fashion may improve if she gets pregnant in the future.

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