“Forgot To Wear a Skirt”: Victoria Beckham Appeared On The Cover Of a Gloss In a Transparent Jumpsuit And Fishnet Tights!

Fans of the star family are vigorously discussing the designer’s new photoshoot.

Victoriya Beckham, a singer and fashion designer, took part in a photo session. She played around with the look while showing off her trim physique.

The 48-year-old designer is attractive and knowledgeable about fashion. Victoria often favors covered clothing and hardly ever posts unguarded photos on social media.

Yet in order to film for the glitzy magazine “Perfect,” she had to compromise some of her moral standards. The protagonist of the latest issue was a mother of several kids.

The pictures of David Beckham’s wife turned out to be provocative and hot. Victoria initially put on a pair of “masculine” pants.

It was worn by the celebrity with rugged boots. Beckham covered her nude torso with a blazer to complete the daring ensemble. In a casual position, the actress tucked her hands inside her jeans pockets.

Later Beckham switched to a voluminous blazer and fishnet stockings for her ensemble. She added stilettos to complete the look. Victoria wore a big Tiffany & Co. gold necklace around her neck. The actress folded her legs and sat down on a chair.

Victoria then made her appearance wearing a tight, translucent jumpsuit. The incident had a lasting impression on the creator of the fashion company. Designer Marc Jacobs was thanked by Victoria for the chat.

“I appreciated discussing women’s emancipation via fashion and beauty, as well as the freedom a company experiences when it becomes independent. I dress in my favorite pieces from my spring/summer collection,” Victoria wrote.

Followers of the celebrity family are fervently debating the designer’s most recent picture session.

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