Four-eared kitten social media networks

Say hello to Kitty Midas. Yes, she does have four ears.

Cat Midas is still a kitten, but he’s already popular on social media. The answer is obvious to the naked eye: she wears a set of extra ears in front of her regular ears. And this is only the start!

Say hello to Kitty Midas. Yes, she does have four ears.

Midas was born a few months ago in the garden of a Dosemechi Turkish family neighbor, who adopted the cat. Its origin is unknown because the mother cat is plainly a stray, but the veterinarian is certain that Midas is of the Russian Blue breed. Her siblings and sisters are average, everyday people, and she is the same.

Midas’ hearing is normal

Midas will be sent for a comprehensive physical, including a DNA test, when she is a bit older. There is reason to believe that the set of mutations is not limited to twin ears, thus it is best to find out ahead of time. In the meanwhile, she is a happy, energetic young cat with no flaws.

Sleeps during the day and performs pranks at night

Midas enjoys teasing her mistress’s yarn and is continually attempting to drag and conceal the skein. Susie and Zeino, two golden retrievers, put a halt to her hooliganism. They are Kitty’s closest companions.

Small annoyance

The four-eared cat first surfaced on social media a few weeks ago

But she is already well-known, and her star is rising.

Here’s a natural joke that’s both adorable and engaging. We wish her good health and success.

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