“French Goddess!” Young Wife Of Vincent Cassel Showed Up In A Transparent Dress

Vincent Cassel’s wife and model Tina Kunaki is of Italian and French descent.

In 1997, Tina Kunaki was born in Toulouse, France. Her father is an African who was born in Morocco, while her mother is of Italian descent. The first wife of Kassel, Monica Bellucci, faced abuse online and other obstacles on her way to becoming a well-known figure around the globe.

Nobody anticipated that the young model and the well-known actor who was over 30 years old would have a serious relationship. But Vincent and Tina secretly agreed in the summer of 2018, and eight months later they had a girl, Amazon. The new mother and wife are now unquestionably happy in their marriage, as seen by her genuine grin in the recent images that the model shared on Instagram.

Kunaki, 25, produced a stunning tight-fitting outfit in white and pink made of translucent material. The beauty looked absolutely lovely with her stylish curly hair down.

Tina Kunaki’s admirers have said, “I believe she’s too gorgeous!” “How can you be that lovely, woman?” “Fatal beauty,” and “French queen in the flesh.”

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