“From Abandoned Baby to International Model”: Story of a Woman With unusual Looks

Once in China, a girl was born who looked different because she had albinism, a condition where the skin and hair lack color. Her parents saw her and decided to leave her all alone.

Her parents didn’t even think about what might happen to her. It turns out, she became a famous model, living in the Netherlands. She doesn’t have the pigment melanin in her skin.

When she was a baby, her parents didn’t provide any information about her, not even her birth date. The doctors had to use X-rays of her hand to guess she was around 15 years old.

Back then, there was a rule in China that families could only have one child. So, if a child was different or had special features, many parents would leave them.

When she was 3 years old, a nice family adopted her. After a few years, she started her journey to becoming a model.

“It’s great to be unique in the modeling world. There are tall, thin, and even plus-size models. But being so unique makes me really happy,” says the cheerful model.

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