“From Brunette To Blonde”: Dakota Johnson Changed Her Hair Color and Shared New Photos!

The 33-year-old actress experimented with her appearance. Dakota Johnson makes an appearance on the set wearing a new hairstyle.

She portrayed one of the main characters in the Christy Hall-directed film “Daddio.” For the task, Johnson had to change her usual appearance.

For many years, the “50 Shades of Gray” diva maintained her long, dark hairstyle. The actress’s current hair color is golden blonde.

The paparazzi showed up when Dakota was in New Jersey taking part in a nocturnal picture shoot. The actress looked tough in a leather jacket, black dress pants, and platform boots. A vibrant wool scarf from Johnson was draped around her neck. The famous person threw a vibrant handbag over her shoulder and set a large piece of baggage next to her.

She pulled a few hairs out of the back of her head. Dakota smiled when she saw Sean Penn. Actors played the roles of a passenger and a New York taxi driver. On the voyage, the characters talk about their own encounters with sex, power, relationships, and human frailty.

She was candid about the “50 Shades of Grey” movie production. Despite admitting that she thinks she is lovely, the star admitted that there were occasions when she felt “killed.”

The actress long kept her romance with musician Chris Martin under wraps. According to Johnson, who has lived with her partner for a sizable period of time, she appreciates having company.

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