“From Vision to Reality”: The Incredible Construction of Crossville’s Enormous Dream Home

There’s an incredible story about a man named Horace who built a huge house near Crossville in the USA. He did it all by himself, using only wood, nails, a hammer, and a strong desire.

In 1993, Horace decided to create a special place in the forest for people to stay. Despite having no help from architects or builders, he started building a 1,300 square meter house on six trees. It has 80 rooms, including a church and a basketball court.

Horace was very creative and used old boards and construction debris at first. Eventually, locals joined in to help. The house has large rooms, corridors, open balconies, and even secret rooms known only to Horace.

The main support for the house is a 25-meter high white oak tree. Although it used to attract tourists from around the world, it’s now off-limits due to fire safety concerns.

Despite that, 66-year-old Horace is proud of his accomplishment and continues to live happily in his Dream House.

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