“Funny Selfies Of The 78-year-old Actor”: Fans Are Actively Discussing The Photos Of Aged And Wrinkled Douglas!

Zeta-Jones and her husband continue to surprise and inspire others with their love and partnership.

Everyone was taken aback when Zeta-Jones shared a photo of her 78-year-old hubby. He’s getting older, yet he’s still energetic and active. Fans have noted age indications, but some still have trouble accepting it’s him.

On Father’s Day, the well-known 53-year-old actress, best remembered for her part in “Wednesday,” wrote a touching message to her husband. They were wed in 2000, and things are still going well.

Since they are a very different age, many are astonished by their relationship. Many others, though, are inspired by them and their happiness.

Some people have a difficult time comprehending what it might be like to have an older partner, but they believe they create a lovely family.

Overall, Zeta-Jones and her spouse never cease to astound and motivate others with their union and love.

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