Future guide dog-in-training falls asleep during an important photoshoot by chance

Him being so sleepy made the photos even sweeter.

Discover Benny, a dog that was raised by the Guide Dog Foundation and will eventually play a crucial role. He may work as a service dog for a veteran or a guide dog for the blind.

Both of these are obviously enormous obligations, but Benny is undoubtedly up for the task.

Benny was taken to a very special picture session by the foundation team when he was just six weeks old. And both Benny and his companions were giddy with excitement. The terrible part is that the shot was scheduled to take place during his naptime.

Really, he was dying for a little snooze. He first made an effort to keep up, but it was too late and there was no turning back.

He was dozier than ever throughout the shoot, which caused everyone in the room to start snoring. Even good night was being said to him by someone. How comical dogs can truly be.

He was making every effort to keep alert and avoid falling asleep but in vain. The photographer’s ability to capture some fast, adorable photos of Benny is the greatest part.

And the photographs were especially cuter because of how drowsy he was.

Benny is now 7 months old and doing well in his training. He’ll undoubtedly become the finest guide one day, but for the time being, playing and sleeping are the best things he can do.

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