George Clooney has been keeping a closed lifestyle since the beginning of the year

Recently, 59-year-old Hollywood actor George Clooney gave a remote interview in which he spoke about the outgoing year and also revealed a secret about his son and self-isolation.

As it turned out, the actor himself, his wife Amal, and their twin children Alexander and Ella have not left their homes in California since March. The thing is that the son of George was diagnosed with bronchial asthma, and this disease can greatly aggravate the course of the coronavirus.

And although doctors convince that the virus poses almost no danger to children, Clooney still prefers to protect his child as much as possible, because he cannot know for sure how the infection will affect the fragile children’s bodies in the future. And that is why the actor and his wife made a mutually deliberate decision to stay at home so as not to contract COVID-19 and infect their children with it.

Clooney admitted that the year 2020 was unsuccessful and extremely negative for everyone. The actor himself, it began with acute pancreatitis, then the coronavirus pandemic broke out. And yet, George noted that he was lucky, and not everything is so bad. And this is actually true because the star has a successful career, he lives with his beloved wife and children in a spacious mansion and also has the opportunity to walk in the fresh air.

Gemini delights parents with their successes. They already speak English and Italian, sometimes in such a way that dad hardly understands them. Clooney’s wife Amal is a real beauty who was able to win the heart of an avid bachelor.

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