Georgia Prom Crowns Everyone King or Queen – A Heartwarming Reason Behind It

At a special event in Sandy Springs, Georgia, more than 70 adults with disabilities had a fantastic time. It was called the Super Star Prom, held on Feb. 24. Each person was made Prom King or Queen, making everyone feel like a winner.

Jane Jarrett, who manages programs for the Sandy Springs Recreation and Parks Department, said the event was magical. Everyone danced a lot and had so much fun that they didn’t want to leave the dance floor.

People aged 13 to 72 came with their families and friends, walking on a red carpet designed like the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Before the prom, the Paul Mitchell Esani school provided free hair and makeup for the ladies and grooming for the men.

Jarrett, who is 37 years old, said that these events give everyone a chance to make new friends and feel like they belong in the community. Even though there were games, prizes, snacks, and a photo booth, the best part for many was when they got to speak on the microphone and request songs before receiving their crowns.

After the event, Jarrett received thanks from many attendees and their families. One parent said they were grateful because their child couldn’t go to a regular prom. Jarrett hopes more people will accept others and have fun together as a community.

Next, Jarrett is planning the Dino Egg Hunt for people with disabilities. It’s a twist on the traditional egg hunt, with a dinosaur theme. There will be a fossil dig, special eggs with toy dinosaurs inside, and a chance to meet a pretend T-Rex.

Jarrett tries to make sure everyone feels included in these events.

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