“Gerard Piqué Faces Criticism”: Leaving Youngest Son Alone in Store and Harshly Scolding Eldest

Gerard Piqué is facing a lot of criticism lately. First, there was a scandal with his ex-wife Shakira, which damaged his reputation as a Spanish soccer player. Now, even the smallest mistakes he makes are getting a lot of negative feedback.

Recently, a video surfaced online where Gerard is seen scolding his oldest son, Milan, in front of a large crowd. It looks like people are not willing to forgive him for anything, and his achievements on the field can’t seem to repair his good name.

While Shakira was in the hospital with her mom, Gerard was spending time with the kids in Barcelona. When he got into the driver’s seat, he realized that only Milan was in the car. Thankfully, the youngest was nearby looking for his dad and brother.

Overall, Gerard needs to make some changes in his life. The paparazzi are always watching him, and maybe he can use this attention to earn back some respect.

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