German Shepherd dog missing for more than 4 years has been reunited with family (video)

There is nothing better than the moment you are reunited with your beloved dog.

A family in Baytown, Texas has finally experienced an emotional reunion with their cherished German Shepherd dog, Sheba, who was earlier kidnapped, after a four-year wait. For the family, it was a touching occasion.

It’s as if she never left, Sheba’s owner Stephanie Moore Malmstrom told Daily Paws. We are overjoyed and fortunate to have Sheba back.

Sheba abruptly vanished in January 2018 when the family was visiting a neighbor. The family found out Sheba had been kidnapped after spending hours looking through surveillance tapes. They reported the theft to the microchip company and kept looking, but finally gave up on ever seeing Sheba again.

Moore Malmstrom was astonished to discover a missed call and two messages in August of this year stating that Sheba had been located and recognized.

Stephanie Moore Malmstrom originally believed it was a hoax when she received a missed call and two texts informing her that her stolen puppy had been located 600 miles away in a town named Borger. However, when she called the number, animal control officer Jerry Harper informed her that he had in fact located her lost pet.

Moore Malmstrom was thrilled, but she remained skeptical and requested images of Sheba to prove who she was. Sheba had an identification tattoo, but Moore Malmstrom and her husband weren’t certain it was their beloved dog until they saw it on FaceTime the following day.

The family had to wait an additional week for a volunteer group to bring Sheba home because it was a 12-hour journey away.

According to Moore Malmstrom, “It was the longest seven days of my life.

After being separated from her for four years, Stephanie Moore Malmstrom was concerned that her dog, Sheba, may not remember her, but as soon as Sheba got off the aircraft and scented her family, she knew who they were.

Moore Malmstrom expressed, “Excitement is an understatement. Our family has been missing a furry member for four and a half years, and now we are whole again.”

Since Sheba went away, the family has expanded to include a rescue bull named Poppy and a youngster named Mason, but the dog immediately adapted. Sheba is a little slower these days, but she still likes to play outside, spend time with her family, and share cheese snacks with Mason, her new favorite guy.

Moore Malmstrom calls Sheba “amazing – a once-in-a-lifetime dog” and considers herself extremely fortunate to have her back. She also exhorts folks to microchip their dogs and to never give up hope in the event that they are stolen or lost since successful outcomes are conceivable.

Watch the video of the reunion here

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