“Global Outpouring of Love”: Deaf and Autistic Boy Receives Heartwarming Birthday Wishes from Strangers Worldwide

People from all over the world wished a happy birthday to a boy named Dylan James. He’s from England and faces challenges as he is deaf and has autism. During the quarantine, he felt very lonely on his birthday.

Dylan usually went to school, but because of the quarantine, he had to stay home. His mom, seeing how sad he was, asked people on the internet to send birthday wishes to make him feel better.

Many kind strangers from different countries sent him hundreds of birthday cards. Dylan spent the whole day happily reading these cards. His mom was really grateful for the amazing response from these caring people. She said they didn’t let her son feel alone.

The deaf boy with autism received wonderful gifts from people in faraway places. His mom believes that because of these cards, it became easier for him to stay at home, even though he was upset about not being able to go out all day.

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