Golden retriever crawled under his mechanic father’s car to hug and kiss him on the cheek! (video)

The man was lying beneath his car, repairing it. If the man couldn’t fix the car for so long, something serious had broken in it. The man’s dog missed his owner and, unable to resist the urge, crawled under the car and started hugging him. This incredible video depicts a golden retriever’s devotion to his owner! 

The video was shot in Australia and depicts a pet’s unconditional love for his human father. 

A man does not repel his dog, and it appears that the dog has no effect on his work. He puts down his tools and hugs his beloved dog the moment the dog approaches him.

The dog licks the owner’s face and ear and leans against his chest as if attempting to communicate the tender feelings he has for his owner! 

Golden retrievers are thought to be the most gentle and friendly dogs. Of course, it is incorrect to regard other breeds as aggressive and angry. 

All animals are unique beings who deserve to be loved and cared for.


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