“Good Deed Meets Hollywood in New York”: Accidentally Helps Richard Gere, Thinking He’s a Beggar

Once in New York, a girl saw a man standing near a trash can and decided to approach him. She immediately thought he was homeless and wanted to eat, so she went to the store and bought food for him.

The next day, she bought a newspaper and read that the man was the famous Richard Gere. It was both embarrassing and funny for her because she mistook the star for a beggar.

The woman explains that there are more beggars in New York than in France, which is why she thought he was homeless. She didn’t speak the language and couldn’t understand what people were saying to her.

However, it turned out they were in the middle of filming. When the woman saw him, she approached, gave him the food package, and left during a break. Everyone was impressed by her kind act.

She was told it was a break, and the famous actor just didn’t want to change clothes and stayed in the ones he was wearing.

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