“Grandfather’s Inspiring Story”: Learning to Write and Speak New Languages

He wanted a better life, so he went to America without finishing his training.

During a time of being alone, many people discovered new skills. One man learned to write when he had to stay at home.

His niece helped him, and he learned to write his first words. At first, he wrote the names of his grandchildren.

He was born into a poor family and really wanted to live well. So, he left for America without finishing school.

Throughout his life, he worked hard to feed himself and his family. But during isolation, he started studying. The man was very happy with his first results. He does everything his niece, who is like a teacher to him, tells him.

Every day, he learns to write new words, and now he wants to learn other languages. The family is, of course, very happy for their grandfather.

His story touched millions of hearts. Textbooks and books are sent to his home, and now he’s learning English and Spanish.

He is very happy and grateful to those who didn’t ignore his story and really wanted to help him.

Soon, he will be able to read books, something he couldn’t do before.

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