Grandmother in a pink suit. Sharon Stone looks amazing at 64

She denies plastic surgery and does not strive to look younger than her age, but still, her appearance is striking, in the good sense of the word. She accepts her aging and enjoys her life.

By the way, a celebrity is always at the parade and outside the red carpet. many even believe that in ordinary life it looks even better. Paparazzi recently caught the actress walking in an incredibly stylish way.

Sharon chose a soft pink pantsuit for a walk. The image was complemented by a black turtleneck and ballet flats of the same color, a handbag hung over the shoulder in the tone of the suit. And such a light color is very suitable for 64-year-old Stone.

Fans noted the Hollywood star’s sense of style. Positive comments began to appear under the photo. “So refreshing for her”, “Very stylish”, “Not quite the color for age, but in general, not bad”, “The rich have their own quirks, walking in such an outfit,” people write.

Would you like to go for a walk in such a suit? What do you think, does this color suit the actress?

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