Grateful Couple Anticipates Time with Conjoined Twins Despite Unseparable Condition

Breana and Matthew Dell found out they were having twin girls during a prenatal ultrasound in November. Sadly, they also learned that their daughters were born joined together.

The news hit them hard. Doctors said the twins couldn’t be separated and might only live for a few hours. Despite this, the couple is determined to cherish whatever time they have with their babies.

“People we don’t even know have been incredibly kind,” says Breana. “They’ve reached out to us, sending prayers and support.”

Matthew adds, “It’s been comforting to know so many people care about us and our daughters.”

Breana and Matthew, who got married in 2021, met while working together at Chick-fil-A during college. They have a 16-month-old son named Dallas.

They were excited when they found out Breana was pregnant again. They had planned for a home birth but were shocked when an ultrasound revealed conjoined twins.

The doctors didn’t give much hope for the twins’ survival, but the couple remains hopeful. Experts say it’s hard to predict how long they might live.

As their due date approached, strangers from around the world offered support through a GoFundMe page and sent gifts.

“We want our girls to know how loved they are, no matter what,” says Matthew. “Even if it’s just for a short time, we’ll cherish every moment.”

Breana adds, “We’re hoping for a miracle. Even though the odds are against us, we’re holding onto hope that our daughters will defy expectations.”

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