“Great Act of Generosity”: Shaq O’Neal surprised the big family of 11 with new cars

Shaq’s support to the community is priceless and truly inspiring!

Shaquille O’Neal is a  former professional basketball player and just a great man. Aside from amassing a huge fortune during his glorious NBA days, Shaq has also started his own business and got engaged in investing. He benefits from his wise decision to this day.

Shaq is now one of the wealthiest athletes today. The 50-year-old athlete doesn’t splurge his money only on himself and his family. The generous man is willing to help all the people who actually need help. Nowadays, he is widely known for his generosity and philanthropy.

Shaq has challenged himself to do something good and helpful every time he leaves the house. And as we can see, he firmly sticks to his vow.

One of the latest generosity acts of the celebrity involved a family of 11 members from Texas. This act became known as “The Collins Kids”. On February 23, the mother of the family – Karissa – shared the story of her family and their meeting with Shaq on Instagram.

Shaq payed a visit to the family as a surprise and treated them to dinner at the Babe’s Chicken Dinner House. “It was so fun and adorable to just have a peaceful dinner with with”, wrote Karissa on her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

However, Shaq had more in his plans and didn’t want to end with just a dinner. The next day, Shaq took the whole family to a Mercedes-Benz dealership and greatly surprised them. He bought a brand new van with 15 passenger seats for the family.

“He had no idea that our 12-passenger van was in a really bad condition and we indeed needed a new one. So, his act was a real blessing for us”, said Karissa. By the way, at that time Karissa was expecting another child. “They had no vans available, so we just ordered one, which is going to be here in a few months”.

Karissa’s husband -Mandrae Collins – is also a former professional basketball player, who used to play in Harlem Globetrotter. He is now working in the Mercedes-Ben dealership in  Fort Worth, as a manager.

After their visit to the dealership, Shaq took the entire family to another dinner at Rainforest Café. Here they found out that the waitress’ car had broken down, so the basketball player tipped her $1000.

38-year-old Mandrae had a truck which also had several problems that the man couldn’t afford fixing. Shaq didn’t know about this, but when he saw the car, he took Mandrae to the Ford dealership and bought a new car for him.

Aside all these generous gifts and dinners, Shaq gave them something non-material.

“The whole time he was motivating us and out children, teaching them some life lessons and just showing true love. That was everything to us and I am completely speechless!”, said Karissa.

A Facebook user asked Karissa how she got in touch with Shaq, and the woman said it was through Instagram. On January 12, Karissa posted a story where she told how Shaq got to know the family.

“Several months ago, Shaq texted me on Instagram and sent a video for my kids. He talked to them and said that he loved them very much and that they called him ‘Uncle Shaq’”, wrote Karissa. Then he said he wanted to meet the children, and Karissa didn’t mind.

“We would love to meet him again and just hang out with him, have some fun. I grew up watching all his games, and my kids love seeing him on TV”.

It happened so, that Shaq was in their town on Karissa’s birthday, so he decided to pay another visit to the family. “He came in and played “Watch ya mouth” with the kids, entertained and encouraged them at the same time. He came with gifts and made the children happy”, told Karissa.

Karissa also told that her two youngest children, Anthym and Anchor, are wary of strangers and new people in general. But they immediately loved Shaq and wanted to play with him.

Shaq’s support to the community is priceless and truly inspiring. It would be better if we all followed his example just a little bit.

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