He has expanded to be the size of a dog after being adopted as a little kitten from a shelter

Julia’s family took in a strange-appearing white kitten. 

The animal soon started expanding continuously. After a few months, it was amazing how big the kitty had grown. 

When Julia first entered the kitchen, he was standing there. When Julia saw he was larger than the dog, she was astounded. 

His images went viral right away. Many people questioned her about her peculiar pet. 

She described how small and frail he was as an infant. But shortly, everything was altered. 

The cat turned out to be a purebred Maine Coon. That clarified his size, but he was still enormous even for that breed.

He’s frequently mistaken for a dog. 

He grew slowly, which is why they weren’t more aware of the unusual sizes at first. 

He was taller than a child when he was standing on his hind legs. 

Despite this, the dogs in the area still try to avoid him because of his placid demeanor.

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