“He is 81, she is 22”: an American millionaire introduced his Russian lover to the public

James Goldstein is apparently a lover of young girls because the paparazzi often catch him with new girls who are more than half a century younger than him.

Most recently, he had a new “lover” named Liza Adamenko – it was her photo that the millionaire posted on his Instagram.

The photo shows a girl in the pool, it is noteworthy that she does not even have a bathing suit – only a bandana on her head to tie her hair.

The girl is twenty-two years old, so subscribers’ opinions about her are divided, although they all understand that this is not for long, as always. At eighty-one, a man changes girls at an incredible speed.

Of course, many of his followers don’t understand what could attract all these young ladies other than James’ money.

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