He proposed to her in kindergarten. He kept his word after 20 years!

The concept of eternal love may turn off some people. What can we say about living our entire lives in love with the same person? Laura and Matt, on the other hand, are examples of people who have been able to keep their love alive throughout their lives.

1. Laura and Matt met for the first time in kindergarten.

“One of my earliest memories is standing in front of the entire group when I was three years old and saying that one day I will marry her,” Matt recalls. 

2. They spent a lot of time as children together. 

“Laura taught me how to swing, draw hills, and eat grilled cheese properly when we were kids,” Matt says of their childhood friendship. We remember playing hide and seek, chasing each other around the playground, and waking up during nap time.” 

3. “I then fell in love with Laura, and I still do,” he says.

 “We eventually lost contact when we started elementary school, and for the next seven years, we only saw each other’s faces on Christmas cards our families exchanged,” these two, who have been together almost their entire lives, explain. 

4. After reconnecting in high school through a mutual friend, they remarried almost immediately:

 “After two weeks, we decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend.” 

5. Matt and Laura’s love has endured the ups and downs of adolescence.

 “Despite attending different high schools, we dated throughout high school,” Matt explains. 

6. Their different schools prepared them for what was to come: the guys went to colleges in different states!

 “We even kept in touch after long-distance relationships while attending colleges in different states.” 

7. Matt proposed to Laura in their kindergarten class on May 23, 2015, where it all started. 

8. Following a long tradition, these two married and began a family, and their friends and family rejoiced with them.

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