Heartbroken Dog Adopted 24 Hours After Being Abandoned By His Family (videos)

Panoramic of the owner abandoning the dog on the highway. One woman captured this heartbreaking moment on film.

According to Newsweek, the event happened when Joy Dominguez was conducting errands in Horizon City, Texas. But when the Texas woman spotted a husky being abandoned on the road, this normal incident took a tragic turn.

The person who assisted the dog in getting out of the automobile first gave him the impression that they were going for a walk. When his owner closes the door and returns to the car, the dog’s delight swiftly changed to confusion.

The husky started rushing after the car, but despite its desperate efforts, the drivers continued. These nasty people simply increased their speed as the dog’s perplexity grew to dread. Dominguez, fortunately, managed to get it all on camera.

The woman offered local media her footage, which was shown and rapidly went viral. Just 24 hours after being abandoned on the side of the road by his previous owners, the husky has now been adopted by a family who saw his terrible story on the news.

Maddie Clappsaddle said to KVIA ABC-7, “When I saw the video and I saw him run after the car, it just made my heart feel like broken.”But now that he’s joyful and running about, I’m quite glad.

According to the station, the young girl and her brother gave their new puppy the name Nanook after viewing the 1987 movie Lost Boys.

The vet who treated the abandoned dog certified that Nanook is healthy and had not suffered any wounds throughout his frightening adventure. The original owners of Nanook are now being sought quickly by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office to bring criminal charges against them for this egregious act of animal cruelty.

The agency posted on Facebook, “These crimes against our voiceless animal victims are taken seriously and we actively seek to hold suspects accountable for these cruel acts.” According to Newsweek, the dog’s previous owners might be charged with a Class A misdemeanor, pay a fine of $4,000, and spend up to a year in jail.

El Paso Times reports that police have already detained one person about this event.

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