“Heartwarming Act of Kindness”: Elderly Pediatrician Provides Free Help to Impoverished Families

There’s a man named Ivan in Brazil who has spent his entire life helping and saving children. Even at 92 years old, he continues to work as a pediatrician, a doctor who specializes in kids. Ivan is very experienced and has saved many sick children’s lives through medical treatment and positive communication.

Although he officially retired in 2005, Ivan still goes to the clinic every day to treat children. Instead of staying at home watching TV, he prefers to be at the clinic. Ivan started practicing medicine right after graduating from university and has always been passionate about caring for patients.

He admires a surgeon who not only treats patients but also inspires them. This caring attitude influenced Ivan, and he strives to provide love and care to his patients. His wife works as a nurse with him. Despite being 92 years old and officially retired, Ivan isn’t afraid of old age and continues his work because he believes in his duty to help every child.

Ivan mentions that he earned enough money when he was younger, so now he doesn’t work for the money. He provides medical assistance to many without charging anything. He happily helps patients from troubled families, considering it his duty to help every child stand on their own feet.

Ivan has become a respected and well-known doctor in Brazil. People from all over the country come to him to seek help for their children.

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