“Heartwarming Tradition”: Hospital Celebrates Newborns with Cute Outfits and Photo Sessions

Every month, Williamson Medical Center in Franklin, Tennessee, celebrates its smallest patients by organizing special photo sessions for two newborns. It’s a team effort involving a nurse-turned-photographer, hospital staff, and a local crafter who makes cute outfits for the babies. The idea started about two and a half years ago and has been a lot of fun.

Since they can’t predict how many babies will be born each month, the team often decides last minute which families might want to participate in the photo shoots. For example, in January, they dressed twins as famous musicians Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton, which was a surprise because they didn’t know about the twins until that day.

After sharing the photos online, the crafter, Janet Weidner, received many requests from people wanting similar outfits for their babies. However, the designs are unique and not for sale.

For Halloween, two babies were dressed as Barbie and Ken, and in November, they wore turkey costumes. In February, the babies wore pink and red outfits to celebrate American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day.

When Janet isn’t making outfits for the hospital project, she sells her creations through her company Bizzy Bee Crochet. Instead of selling online, she prefers local shops and farmers’ markets. Sometimes, she meets people who recognize her from the outfits she made for their loved ones at the hospital, which makes her happy. Getting positive feedback on her work gives Janet a warm and fuzzy feeling.

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