Henry Ford: “When it seems like the whole world is against you, remember, the plane takes off against the wind!”

Incredibly motivating quotes from Henry Ford that are worth reading.

Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863. The famous industrialist was the owner of car factories around the world. When he was 16, he ran away from home and went to work in Detroit. Also at one time, Henry wrote several books, one of which called “My Life and Work”, and “Today and Tomorrow”.Motivating quotes from Henry Ford that are worthy of attention:

Failure only provides a reason and motivation to start again and be smarter.

If there really is any secret to success, then this secret lies in the ability to accept the point of view of another person and see things through his eyes.

Whether you think you will succeed or not, you will be right anyway.

Obstacles are always scary things that appear when you stop looking at your goal.

Always think that you are capable of this or that accomplishment, or think that you are not capable – one way or another you will still be right.

If you chop wood yourself, then you will warm yourself with them twice …For many people, work always seems like a battle that needs to be ended as soon as possible. Life is not a stop, but a journey. Whoever thinks he has stopped is actually going down.

Try to control the 50 richest Jewish financiers who create wars for their own profit, and wars will be abolished.

The main use of capital is not to make more money, but to make money for the betterment of life.

Ideas themselves are valuable, but every idea is, after all, just an idea. The challenge is to put it into practice.

The best friend is the one who will always help us to bring out the best that is contained in our souls…We have done too much to frighten away the joy of life.

The employer does not give you money, the employer only distributes the money. The client always pays.

It is good that the people do not understand how the bank and similar systems work, otherwise there would be a revolution tomorrow.

If a person has a lot of enthusiasm, then he can do anything. Enthusiasm is the basis of any progress.

The greatest thing in the world is the ability to keep your mind young.

Money never changes a person, it simply takes the mask off him. If the person himself has been selfish or impatient or greedy, the money will just show it – that’s all.

Asking: “Who should be the boss?” – is stupid because it’s like asking: “Who should be the tenor in this quartet?” Of course, someone who can sing in a tenor voice.I never stand if I can sit, and I never sit if I can lie down.

A person dies when he stops developing, and a funeral is just a formality…In the world, there are pioneers and people who go with the flow. The latter criticizes the former, but if it were not for the former, the life of the latter would freeze in place.

Successful people get ahead by using the time that others are wasting.

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