Her three puppies were given away to other people, but the following morning, the family saw this

Mara, the tall dog, was his night and day home guardian. Additionally, he frequently strolled with his owner. 

The dog was adored by everyone in the village and was well-known for being gentle and obedient. 

As a result, when Mara’s three puppies were born, finding homes for them was not a problem. 

The infants were given to their new owners once they had grown a little and learned to eat on their own. 

Mara was unable to locate her children when she got home that day. She was agitated and confused about where they might be. 

Although her owners made every effort to calm the dog, she paid no attention to them. All night long, she threw herself on the chain while whimpering excruciatingly. 

The owner went outside to the yard the following morning, where they observed Mara feeding her young. 

They were in awe of what they saw. After all, they moved into their new homes yesterday, and today they are back with their mother. 

So he immediately called the people he had given the puppies to find out what had transpired while they were away. 

The babies have been missing since the morning, all three of them claimed, despite their best efforts. 

It was discovered that they had escaped from their new residences and had found their way to their mother.

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