Here are some dashing males who have won the hearts of countless ladies and have a large following

These are the well-known celebrities who have enchanted countless ladies. 

Around 20–40 years ago, these iconic and internationally renowned cinema actresses were regarded as icons of beauty and desirability for women and won the hearts of millions of people. 

These male celebrities have undoubtedly changed significantly since then, and some of them are now nearly impossible to identify. Additionally, we shall always cherish our fond memories of these renowned performers’ youth. 

So, there are 18 well-known movie actors in front of you who have won the hearts of millions of women and won over every audience.

1. Glen

2. Gallagher

3. Cage

4. Russell

5. Van Damme

6. Roberts

7. Perez

8. Harrelson

9. Penn

10. Carrey

11. Lambert

12. Crowe

13. Travolta

14. Fiennes

15. Branagh

16. Irons

17.  Vaughn

18. Fraser

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