Here is the secret of perfectly round and fluffy chinchillas

Some pictures have long been known to Internet users, and some have been published for the first time. This was done because of rumors of underground farms where small animals are illegally raised, without compliance with regulations. Cameron, one of the chinchilla breeders, was also accused of this, but he decided to tell everyone about his secret about raising chinchillas.

She just has fluffy bones!

Perhaps this part of chinchillas is the most recognizable!

And this is Cameron himself with one of his animals.

He has his own nursery for breeding these beautiful creatures.

They all look like little tiny animals at first.

And then they grow up and become more fluffy.

As a result, they turn into such cuties!

The whole secret is that this type of chinchilla is from the South American Andes. Animals live in the mountains, at an altitude of 5 km or more. Due to the harsh climate, the animals have thick and warm fur. No procedures can be carried out with them, even a haircut, and you should not overfeed chinchillas. They have a comfortable life without stress, which is why they have such a healthy and attractive appearance. Due to the lack of predators, they do not need to constantly hide and survive in holes, so their fur is smooth and good.

Chinchillas are animals for an amateur. No need to buy them for breeding. Well, just beauties! Little fluffy buns!

Incredible charm, isn’t it? And of course, they, like any other animal, require special care.

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