Heroic border guard rescued cats from a sinking ship

This week, social networks have a new idol – 23-year-old Tatsafon Sayi, a fighter of the coastal defense detachment of the Thai Navy.

The young border guard became famous for risking his life at a critical moment and rescuing four cats from a sinking ship, although this is against the rules. Photos of the heroic deed are scattered around the world.

A fire started on a decrepit trough and the crew abandoned it and fled in full force.

Border guards arrived to check if there was a threat of an oil spill. And suddenly they saw cats on the ship!

The ship had already burned down, but there was a risk of fire from spilled oil. In addition, the ship almost sank, sinking underwater before our eyes. The crew did not say anything about the abandoned cats, and it is not the responsibility of the Coast Guard to save them. However, Tatsafon Saiyi rejected all doubts, put on a life jacket, and jumped into the water.

The count went to seconds, and the ship is about to go underwater

As Saii said later, the cats were quick-witted. They didn’t scratch, they didn’t interfere, they clung tightly with their paws to the vest while he was swimming back. They really wanted to be rescued!

Tailed dried, fed, and examined. Fortunately, they were intact, only scared. The cats have been taken to a command post on Koh Lipe where they will be looked after until they are distributed. Tatsafon Sayi was reprimanded for risking his life without orders, and rewarded for rescuing those in distress.

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