Hilary Swank Shares Heartwarming Stories Behind Naming Her Twins, Aya and Ohm: ‘Full of Joy’

Hilary Swank is very happy as a mom of twins.

She talked about her mom life on the Today show. When asked about her babies’ names—Aya and Ohm, she explained how they chose them. Aya was inspired by a brave Syrian refugee they met in Lebanon. Ohm comes from a universal sound that connects people.

Swank said being a mom is even better than she expected. She used to think having five dogs brought her joy, but having babies is even more fulfilling.

She shared on Instagram that her twins make every day amazing.


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Swank announced she was having twins on Good Morning America in October 2022. She and her husband, Philip Schneider, got married in 2018 after dating for a year.

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