Hina is a Shiba Inu who always ruins group shots out of principle

Owner Yoko says so, a Shiba Inu named Hina is a pest, a saboteur, and a favorite dog in the house. Who does not want to be like the rest and has her own opinion on every issue.

In particular, he completely refuses to pose on command, but instead always “spoils” family photos.

Getting to know Hina is easy.

She never follows the general trend

No, it’s not an exaggeration.

Hinа is smart, she knows what to do!

And in general, to stand out is her nature!

Other dogs, Momo, Sasha, and Kikko behave normally.

And Hina – basically no.

Previously, the owner thought it was from stress, from fatigue.

But then she realized that she was just bored of sitting around doing nothing.

Here she is trying to fool around.

For lack of leverage, Hina has to put up.

And Hina is just happy!

What do you think, is this all by chance or is the dog actually playing dirty tricks for pleasure?

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