His mother couldn’t take care of the baby, so the staff took all the responsibility to provide excellent care for the animal

They did everything to make the baby recover as soon as possible and feel calmer.

Everyone’s hearts were won over from the moment he arrived at the zoo. Unquestionably, the most fantastic individuals are taking care of this little creature, and they will stop at nothing to ensure that he feels secure and at ease. This is the reason he was abandoned without his mother’s care. Lucia, age 9, just gave birth to her first child.

After the delivery, it became apparent that the mother was unable to give him “appropriate care,” so the zoo’s employees had to step in and take care of the child. They began caring for the infant animal, giving it round-the-clock attention.

He had regular bottle feedings to encourage healthy growth. As a result of the staff’s outstanding care, the infant has been prospering day by day, becoming stronger and stronger every day.

It’s true that nobody can take the place of a mother’s absence, but they made every effort to hasten the baby’s recovery and help him or she feel more at ease. They just performed a fantastic job, and we are really appreciative of their hard work.

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