Hollywood celebrities who somehow lost their Oscars

Celebrities can also be absent-minded sometimes

Most of famous and successful actors and actresses dream about being nominated for the Oscar. However, there are also those who didn’t even have time to experience the joy of having the Oscar, and immediately lost it.

Colin Firth

This amazing actor received his Oscar as the Best Actor in the film “King’s Speech”. Right after the Oscar’s nomination ceremony, Colin and his friends went to celebrate his victory. They got so drunk, that Firth left his statuette at the hotel. He contacted the hotel stuff the next day, and somehow managed to get his Oscar back.

Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio waited for his Oscar for a really long time. And when he finally reached the award, he lost it shortly after the ceremony. The actor left it at the restaurant, where the nomination ceremony was taking place. Luckily, his friends reminded him of the award, and he could take it back.

Angelina Jolie

Our beloved Jolie received her Oscar at the dawn of her career. The actress gave it to her mother. The latter never managed to tell her daughter where she had hidden the statuette. The house was sold, and Angelina still hasn’t found her award.

Matt Damon

Matt got his Oscar for the film “Good Will Hunting”. The actor totally deserved the award. Unfortunately, a fire broke out in his apartment and the statuette got lost in the chaos.

Natalie Portman

Natalie got her long-awaited Oscar for the film “Black Swan”. The actress, however, seems to not pay much attention to any of her awards. She even has no idea where her Oscar and the other awards are.

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