“Hot as always”: Kardashian boasted a luxurious figure in unbuttoned shorts

A few days ago, archival photographs of K. Kardashian appeared on the Internet, which was taken thirteen years ago. Such a publication succumbed to heated discussions from the subscribers of her Instagram account.

In the frame, the celebrity appeared in a bathing suit and unbuttoned shorts. She completed her look with red boots and a hat. The photos were taken somewhere in the desert, right under the scorching sun.

In the description under her post, Kardashian revealed that the photo shoot was taken back in 2008.

Followers were delighted with such hot shots of the star. In the first photo, the upper part of her outfit barely covered the mouth-watering forms of the instadiva, which was clearly appreciated by the male audience of the celebrity. Fans showered her with compliments, once again admiring her excellent figure.

And how do you rate such a hot photo shoot of the model? Share your opinion in the comments!

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