Houses were built for the American homeless, but you can live in them under certain conditions

California is one of the sunniest and richest states. Hollywood and Silicon Valley are located here. But in addition to a large number of rich people, there are a lot of poor people here.

The city of San Jose decided to reduce the number of homeless people by building an entire housing complex for them called the “Bridge Housing Community” (BHC). Three hundred thousand dollars were spent on it from the city budget. BHC includes forty small houses and one large one, which serves as a clubhouse.

These houses are really very small – only seven square meters. But there is a separate bathroom and shower, as well as a bathroom. In the summer, the air conditioner installed in the house will bring coolness. Living conditions are quite acceptable. There are furniture and bedding.

The clubhouse has a dining room, laundry, dryer, and computer room with access to the World Wide Web. In addition, there is a kitchen with all the necessary utensils.

There is no charge for living in Bridge Housing Community. Moreover, all food products are also brought here for free. True, in order to be able to settle here, you need to pass the selection and agree to fulfill certain requirements.

Residents of the complex should not have bad habits. They must have a formal job. In addition, after 22-00, it is forbidden to leave the residential complex. It will also be impossible to enter its territory after this time. Guests are not allowed to visit at night.

The requirements are not the most stringent and are quite feasible. The authorities of San Jose thus want to help people escape from poverty. Give them another chance to start their lives from scratch.

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